The CACTOS Project

The CACTOS Project

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Funded as part of the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU, under grant no. 610711, the CACTOS project (short for Content-Aware Cloud Simulation and Optimisation) aims to address the following key research challenges:

  • CACTOS addresses the specific problems data centre operators face due to the exploding heterogeneity of the underlying hardware.
  • The major targeted impact of CACTOS is to enable data centre operators to deliver cloud-based applications on top of current and future heterogeneous hardware as energy efficient as possible.
  • CACTOS aims to deliver the infrastructure that fits best to the application of a customer in terms of observed quality with minimised operational costs and consequently increased competitiveness.

The project began October 2013, and runs to October 2016.

The CACTOS Toolkit, comprising CactoScale, CactoOpt, and CactoSim, were developed through the CACTOS Project.

Find out more information on the CACTOS Project, the consortium partners, or check-out the CACTOS tools.