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Deliverables & Media


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D7.3.2 Validation Goals and Metrics
D5.2.2 CACTOS Toolkit Version 2
D4.4 Integrated Data Collection and Analysis Frameworks
D7.4.1 Validation and Result Analysis
D6.2 Preliminary results from optimisation models validation and experimentation
D5.4 Evaluation Methodology for the CACTOS Runtime and Prediction Toolkits
D5.3 Operational Small-Scale Cloud Testbed Managed by the CACTOS Runtime Toolkit
D5.1 Model Integration and Supporting Tooling
D4.3 Parallel Trace Analysis
D4.1 Data Collection Framework
D3.3 Extended Optimization Model
D3.2 Predictive Cloud Application Model
D2.6 Workshop Preparation
D2.1 Project Website

This document contains a detailed run-down of the project website

D2.2 Dissemination & Collaboration Plan

This document contain the CACTOS Dissemination and Collaboration Plan

D2.3.1 Dissemination & Collaboration Report & Newsletter

This document contains the CACTOS Dissemination & Collaboration Report

D3.1 Prototype Optimization Model

This document contains further information of the CACTO prototype optimization model.

D4.2 Preliminary Offline Trace Analysis
D5.2.1 CACTOS Toolkit V1

This document contains detailed information on version one of the CACTOS toolkit

D7.3.1 Validation Goals and Metrics

This document contains information on CACTOS validation goals and metrics

D4.1 Data collection framework

This document contains details of the data collection framework

D5.1 Model Integration and Supporting Tooling

This document contains detailed information on Model Integration and Supporting Tooling