CactoOpt is one of the three main tools in the CACTOS toolkit. The purpose of CactoOpt is providing resource optimisation mechanisms that can be used to optimize the operations of cloud data centre infrastructures.

The predictions can be used to guide the optimization decisions of CactoOpt by providing a foresight look into how the demand on the data centre infrastructure will be in the future and with what probability. This is achieved using state-of-the-art statistical analysis techniques and control theory.

CactoOpt is designed using a sensor-actuator model where the optimisation engine’s view of the surrounding world is captured in a set of infrastructure and load models (sensors) and the actions the optimisation engine can use to affect data centre resources (actuators) are represented using an optimisation plan language (describing a set of infrastructure actions recommended to optimise data centre layout and operation). The model does not assume that all recommended optimisation actions are immediately taken, but rather views these as a set of recommendations the optimizer gives to an external party (e.g., a virtualisation middleware integration implementation or a systems administrator) as part of a greater optimisation plan.

The infrastructure and load models instances created by CactoScale are periodically passed on to CactoOpt for optimisation. CactoOpt analyses the models and identifies optimisations on the infrastructure, such as VM migrations or an increase of resources assigned to a virtual machine. The optimisations are serialised into a set of optimisation operations. These optimisation operations are then carried out by the virtualisation middleware, e.g. OpenStack. One of the key features provided by CactoOpt is to provide a prediction-capable model of cloud services, execution environment including network infrastructure, user behavior, and quality characteristics like service times, workloads,scalability, and burstiness.

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The second version of CactoOpt has been released. For more details about where you can download this, please use the following link.

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The CactoOpt Guide provides the reader with information about where to download CactoOpt, how to install CactoOpt, licensing information about how to use CactoOpt, with related examples. You can download the guide at the following link.